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handgun review the walther ppq m2 gungunsguns net - summary walt rauch s review of and rating for the walther ppq m2 pistol including a range report photos pricing specs user ratings and user comments click here to see all of rauch s handgun reviews editor s review, biggerhammer net miscellaneous firearms technical and - below you will find a collection of rifle pistol shotgun and machinegun manuals from firearm manufacturers the military and a few aftermarket sources, phoenix arms hp22 taurus pt 22 walther p22 genitron - finally up is the walther p22 at just a hair over six inches in length this gun just barely makes it into my selection criterion form follows function in this pistol and unlike the rather stylish designs of the taurus and phoenix arms pistols many people consider the walther p22 rather ugly, best 22lr pistol reviews besthandgunguide com - for my money i like my ruger mark iii it has a comfortable feel and is accurate i also have a walther p 22 for plinking it takes a steady diet of good quality ammo but we all know that if you want a weapon to work well use good ammo, top 5 best 22 pistols in the world tacticalcache com - walther p22 pistol a pistol designed for initiation into the shot or even for recreational purposes the walther p22 pistols are 22 caliber replicas of the well known p99 only their goal is to the comfort of the shooter, in praise of the m1911 45 acp sight m1911 - why this classic pistol remains the standard of comparison by chuck taylor though it s been in continuous service for 87 years the venerable colt model 1911 in 45 auto is still the premier self loading combat pistol, canik 55 shark 9mm pistol the shooter s log - the canik 55 shark 9mm pistol is a handy accurate choice with a spare magazine read on to learn more about adding it to your arsenal, v3 stingray holster clingerholsters com - get huge concealment in a small package with the v3 stingray holster from clinger holsters this kydex concealed carry holster slides easily inside your waistband and clips tightly to your belt find a comfortable iwb concealment holster for your pistol here today, taurus 1911b 9 pt1911 9 1 9mm 5 529 00 - taurus 1911 is destined to become the standard that all 1911 pistols are compared against the taurus 1911 offers the most accurate and feature laden model on the market today, comparison glock 17 vs smith wesson m p9 - by chad for the longest time there was only one dominant striker fired polymer pistol i am speaking of course about the legendary ubiquitous glock so ubiquitous its name is slang for handgun you don t attain such, the case for the 45 acp sight m1911 - by jim higginbotham the 45 acp is not a very powerful cartridge now that may come as a shock to those who are thinking if this is an argument in favor of the 45 auto then i d hate to see the other side, how is the glock safe action trigger a safety at all quora - it isn t and yes the glock can be fired by a string such as the ones on your jacket and this happened twice to a law enforcement officer in georgia once in a gun shop and once in his home glock talks a lot about how they have three safety, world of guns gun disassembly on steam - 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