Digital Tachograph Equipment Type Approval Interoperability Test Specification -

digital tachograph equipment type approval - the interoperability tests shall be limited to a series of manipulations performed on digital tachograph equipment at the digital tachograph laboratory dtlab which is as specified by the requirement 278 of the regulation enable to deliver the interoperability certificate see requirement 284, digital tachograph equipment type approval - digital tachograph equipment type approval interoperability test specification any such software tools shall be identified in the interoperability test report 2 5 digital tachograph equipment submitted for interoperability testing shall remain at the an equipment manufacturer enters the type approval process with samples of equipment, jrc publications repository digital tachograph equipment - interoperability certification is one of three certifications required for type approval of digital tachograph equipment the other two certifications concern functional testing and security evaluation, a focus on tachographs interoperability certification - interoperability tests are carried out by a single laboratory under the authority and responsibility of the european commission type approval is there to ensure that all digital tachograph equipment in scope of the legislation e g cards vehicle units motion sensors, tachograph forum smart tachograph brussels 01 12 2017 jrc - not new components type approval new recording equipment type approval one number for all the components means each modification of a component of a recording equipment imply a new type approval interoperability between cards and recording equipment between the two generations of digital tachograph new tachograph forum smart tachograph